I born in Chile in 1981. In 1999 I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia in the Universidad of Viña del Mar. In 2004 I started working in the local agency Signo&Grün. After I was named Digital Branding manager, I flew to Barcelona in 2008 to find new challenges. I started as the Design manager of Evolution Media, designing a business magazine called Business BCN and all the developing all the marketing related to the company. 
In 2011, I flew to Cape Town, South Africa to manage another business magazine called Business CPT, designing and doing crazy things like white sharks diving.
Back to BCN I finish with Evolution Media and I start as a teacher in L`Idem Barcelona, a French school of Graphic Design & Animation 2d-3D. Also I was working for some clients as a freelance designer. In 2014 they named me director of the design area. The next years I was teaching every morning and managing around 10 clients in the afternoon, on a small office in Eixample.
At the end of 2015, I signed and agreement with Lucas Fox International Properties, so now I´m working on the amazing Marina Port Vell building with my Partner David Nebot, teaching in the mornings for L`Idem Barcelona and designing for Lucas Fox in the afternoons.
I worked in so many areas in the past 12 years as a designer but now I have specialized on corporate design. I love my profession and I never finish any project if I am not happy with the results, even if my client is happy.
My plan is to keep giving all my soul to my students and to my clients, keep doing crazy trips to dangerous and exotic places and trying to make this world a little bit nicer...  
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